Jar recycling project, crochet

3 Aug

Jar recycling project, crochet

We have so many jars at the house that I refuse to throw away (because we don’t have a recycling here)… It might be a flashback from my Soviet Union childhood where we didn’t throw away any glass and stored it at the balcony because

1 – we could recycle it for money (at least beer and milk bottles from what I remember)
2 – we could store food in it (no plastic containers were available, even now I didn’t see them much in Kiev)
3 – we were conserving the food from summer for winter (pickled cucumbers, anyone?).

Pinterest gave me a plenty of great ideas.

I didn’t do crochet in a while so it took me about 45 min. It stretches very well, first I was making it for a jar that was 2 sizes thinner.

You don’t even have to clean out the glue that stays on the jar after removing the labels, it actually holds the crochet peace better.

This jar is great to store anything – pencils, pens, crayons, buttons, you name it.

Here is the link where I got this particular inspiration from

Have fun!


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