Daily morning green juice

6 Aug

Daily morning green juice

This is the juice I drink almost every day in the morning. It’s not sweet at all and that’s why I like it

1 tomato (or 1 apple if I’m out of tomatoes)
1 cucumber (or 3-4 stalks of celery if I’m out of cucumbers)
2 medium carrots

Juice tomato, ginger, greens and cucumber on low setting, and carrots – on high.

After the juice is done, I squeeze half of lime in it and leave whatever is left from lime for further use in vitamin water and cooking (I’m using lime zest).

For the flu season I add more ginger and more lime juice. I’m pretty sure that’s what kept me from flu last winter.

Juice from greens can be added as well

I treat this as a part of my breakfast and write it in my calorie log as 100-120 calories, depending on what’s inside. It’s good to wait 20-45 min after drinking the juice before eating


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