How to Meet Russian and Ukrainian Women

8 Aug

How to Meet Russian and Ukrainian Women

I am an Ukrainian women and I find this post hilarious!
Click on the photo to read this.

The tips that made me smile and I agree with:

“…they will be less likely to have an open face and to smile and say “How are you?” to any stranger who passes by”

“If you take her out to eat, you should know what to order” – not the case now, but it used to be

“Learn not to take things literally. Russians love saying the opposite of what they mean (irony)”

“If you’re in America, many Ukrainian immigrants from the capital city of Kiev will actually consider themselves Russian because the country was still considered to be a part of the USSR when they lived there and because they grew up speaking the Russian language. Before 1991, Russian was the language spoken in schools, used in newspapers, and in every day life in Kiev, but now, Ukrainian is used in schools, advertisements, and some television shows, though many city people still speak Russian at home.”

“Learn to love black bread”

“Before you leave for a journey, you must sit down for a minute to reflect on the trip ahead.”

“Don’t ever wish her a happy birthday before her actually birthday because—believe it or not—it’s bad luck.”


One Response to “How to Meet Russian and Ukrainian Women”

  1. Hakan August 8, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    hahaha! LMAO :))

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