Jar recycling project – chalkboard jars

14 Aug

jars_chalkboardContinuing my mission on recycling as many jars as I can, trying as many ideas as possible. This project is calling for chalkboard paint.

At Michaels I found chalkboard spray paint, but if to read the label, it is very scary for me to use it (being healthy freak as I am). So I did find toxic-free chalkboard paint by folkflirt. Martha Stewart makes this paint too, but there was no time for that search. paint

No priming, just cleaned the surface, made borders with sticky tape. Painted first layer, gave it 1 hr to dry. Then painted second layer, left jars on the balcony for a day. Took off the borders after the paint was dry.

If I make more of those, I would make the chalkboard space much bigger because the crayons I’m using are huge (they are for kids). Also, the chalk comes off pretty easy, so really these are for being pretty, not so useful in real life if you don’t have much space at the kitchen for display. I think just having stickers on jars is much easier, but I’m trying all the possibilities.



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