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Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer | My Crazy Blessed Life!

25 Nov

This is a great idea, I gotta try to create that!

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer | My Crazy Blessed Life!.


Seamus turns 3, a Wantable accessory, and a sweet thank you note

12 Nov

lora weaver

So I feel a little guilty because the love of my life, my little furry guy, my round and low to the ground best friend Seamus, turned 3 yesterday and damn if I didn’t just forget it. But leave it up to my boyfriend’s mom to remember because she just remembers everyone’s birthdays like that. So after I got her text I gave him a nice all over body scratch and a couple of treats before leaving for work. And of course, later last night Alan ended up buying him some cool new, annoyingly loud toys.

I thought in honor of his 3rd (21st in human years!) birthday, I’d post a couple funny pictures of him behind the scenes at one of my latest shoots with Melanie Blankenship. There is no way I can take a decent photo of this dog.



See? There he is just KICKING Melanie out of…

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