To spray or not to spray – that is the question

15 Jan

I see this happening at absolutely every wedding I work at, when bridesmaids come from the salon with curled hair that starts to fall down in a couple of hours (and for those with natural hair – I mean not colored – it starts even sooner then that). They take the hardest spray available and spray whatever is left like nobody’s business in a hope it will help. No, it will not, ladies! It will actually make it worse. Hard spray weights your hair down and you end up with straight hair that looks greasy and undone. If your hair does not hold the curl, and you know it ahea


d, try different style if to begin with!

If curls start to fall, let it go! You can brush them with soft brush to have soft curls, you can re-curl them (if it doesn’t have too much product = doesn’t feel plastic). But no spray, please!


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