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Stephanie’s summer wedding, Washington, DC 2014

23 Oct

It was very early in the morning when we met with Stephanie to get her ready for such an important day, but looking at these happy faces you would never guess what time the bride had to wake up to be all glammed up! Loving the photos that Stephanie shared, photographed by Exclamation Imagery Hair and makeup by Alina Karaman

Matt&StephanieWedding-092 Matt&StephanieWedding-198 Matt&StephanieWedding-228 Matt&StephanieWedding-267 Matt&StephanieWedding-269 Matt&StephanieWedding-278 Matt&StephanieWedding-281 Matt&StephanieWedding-298 Matt&StephanieWedding-302


Random events. Matrix. All connected

18 Oct

How random/crazy/small world is! 2 days ago, I was participating in bridal event at BHLDN Georgetown, and told brides that asked about long-distance travel that we do come to the location and that we went on 4 hr drive last month for a wedding. After the event I’m walking 1 block in Georgetown and meeting THE bride we went out to!

Today, at first event I worked at, we are talking that it is so random that I referred them to the salon that may work with wigs, and they actually go to this salon on a regular basis! And we were talking about Hawaii – that they want to go there

At the second event – another bride that lives in the absolutely different direction randomly mentions the same salon we were talking about at the first event! AND she is going to her honeymoon to Hawaii!

At the third event I see that the bride has BHLDN bag and I’m asking her about it. Turns out, she got her dress there, from all places! And she saw my name at the vendors list for the event that was 2 days ago

The circle has closed


Motivation – how to keep up

17 Oct

A quick post here about what keeps me motivated, and how do I keep up with exercising

1. Make exercise a priority, not an option. I have my week planner open and plan gym 2 weeks ahead, making it 3 and sometimes 4 times a week. If I see that some week I will make it there only twice, then the week before or following week I have to go 4 times. I try as much as possible to plan my work around the exercise routine. Office people will ask me – well, you are a freelancer, easy for you! And here is what I will say – when I used to work at the office, I went to the gym during the lunch time. When I went to university full time (9-5pm every day, including some Saturdays), I went to classes after – at 7 pm. Or how about exercising at home with DVD? It never worked for me, but I know some people who are mentally strong enough doing it at home. Kids? I have one too. On weekends we go to the gym together, and if I did exercising at home, she would totally do it with me

2. I look at motivational photos all the time. I follow about 7 fitness groups with mostly visuals, but they have good technique and nutrition topics there as well. Also, I follow couple of famous fitness people and read their tips; understanding that they are the same people as we are, helps. Looking at something every day sooner or later can help you to get there

3. Food log – every day, for a year and a half now. Every single thing I eat, I log in. It keeps me on track with proteins/carbs that I’m watching now, plus calories intake. This way I’ve lost all the weight I wanted, and keeping it there without going up or down much

Hope it helps someone!