Motivation – how to keep up

17 Oct

A quick post here about what keeps me motivated, and how do I keep up with exercising

1. Make exercise a priority, not an option. I have my week planner open and plan gym 2 weeks ahead, making it 3 and sometimes 4 times a week. If I see that some week I will make it there only twice, then the week before or following week I have to go 4 times. I try as much as possible to plan my work around the exercise routine. Office people will ask me – well, you are a freelancer, easy for you! And here is what I will say – when I used to work at the office, I went to the gym during the lunch time. When I went to university full time (9-5pm every day, including some Saturdays), I went to classes after – at 7 pm. Or how about exercising at home with DVD? It never worked for me, but I know some people who are mentally strong enough doing it at home. Kids? I have one too. On weekends we go to the gym together, and if I did exercising at home, she would totally do it with me

2. I look at motivational photos all the time. I follow about 7 fitness groups with mostly visuals, but they have good technique and nutrition topics there as well. Also, I follow couple of famous fitness people and read their tips; understanding that they are the same people as we are, helps. Looking at something every day sooner or later can help you to get there

3. Food log – every day, for a year and a half now. Every single thing I eat, I log in. It keeps me on track with proteins/carbs that I’m watching now, plus calories intake. This way I’ve lost all the weight I wanted, and keeping it there without going up or down much

Hope it helps someone!


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