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Stephanie’s summer wedding, Washington, DC 2014

23 Oct

It was very early in the morning when we met with Stephanie to get her ready for such an important day, but looking at these happy faces you would never guess what time the bride had to wake up to be all glammed up! Loving the photos that Stephanie shared, photographed by Exclamation Imagery Hair and makeup by Alina Karaman

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Random events. Matrix. All connected

18 Oct

How random/crazy/small world is! 2 days ago, I was participating in bridal event at BHLDN Georgetown, and told brides that asked about long-distance travel that we do come to the location and that we went on 4 hr drive last month for a wedding. After the event I’m walking 1 block in Georgetown and meeting THE bride we went out to!

Today, at first event I worked at, we are talking that it is so random that I referred them to the salon that may work with wigs, and they actually go to this salon on a regular basis! And we were talking about Hawaii – that they want to go there

At the second event – another bride that lives in the absolutely different direction randomly mentions the same salon we were talking about at the first event! AND she is going to her honeymoon to Hawaii!

At the third event I see that the bride has BHLDN bag and I’m asking her about it. Turns out, she got her dress there, from all places! And she saw my name at the vendors list for the event that was 2 days ago

The circle has closed


Anisa + Allyshah Engagement

25 Jun

Photos by Shayan Photography, hair and makeup by Alina G Karaman

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Maggie & Steve’s May 31st Wedding

5 Jun

May 31, 2014. What a beautiful day it was! Not too hot, clean air and a little breeze – all you need for a perfect wedding day! We met Maggie again, and all her wonderful friends, what a great day it was! Please enjoy the photos, by A.J.Dunlap Photography Hair and makeup by Makeup and Hair by Alina G Karaman (makeup – Alina Karaman, hair – Joy Greene)

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To spray or not to spray – that is the question

15 Jan

I see this happening at absolutely every wedding I work at, when bridesmaids come from the salon with curled hair that starts to fall down in a couple of hours (and for those with natural hair – I mean not colored – it starts even sooner then that). They take the hardest spray available and spray whatever is left like nobody’s business in a hope it will help. No, it will not, ladies! It will actually make it worse. Hard spray weights your hair down and you end up with straight hair that looks greasy and undone. If your hair does not hold the curl, and you know it ahea


d, try different style if to begin with!

If curls start to fall, let it go! You can brush them with soft brush to have soft curls, you can re-curl them (if it doesn’t have too much product = doesn’t feel plastic). But no spray, please!

Lisa and William’s wedding in Remington, VA

11 Oct

Lisa and William’s wedding took place at the beautiful venue called Inn at Kelly’s Ford in Remington, VA. The weather was a challenge – it was raining now and then, but the couple was able to have the ceremony outside, just the way the wanted it! The beautiful photos are taken by David Abel Photography. Makeup by Makeup and Hair by Alina G Karaman

Elena’s wedding throwback

26 Aug

happy_bride bridal_flowers first_look makeup_readyWe worked at Elena’s wedding back in May 2012, but met her a year earlier at the bridal exhibition. We were really honored to do Elena’s makeup because she is actually very good at it and at the wedding day she had some extra time, and actually did bridesmaids makeup!