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Fitness gets complicated, where are my abs?

25 Jul

I started this at my FB but don’t want to overwhelm people who really not in the topic. It starts like this

The more I read/learn about fitness and exercising, the more frustrating it gets. Clearly just exercising is not enough if you eat too much; dieting itself is not enough because you lose muscle with fat and become “skinny fat”. Only weights, only cardio, low carbs/no carbs/high protein/low protein – it’s all so complicated. Can we add some vegan lifestyle+nut allergies+no gluten challenge here? I guess to be able to get to the point where I want to be I need to become pro nutritionist and get a degree in something. Why it is so hard? Or the satisfaction is in the process of getting somewhere, no matter what is the destination point?

So I’ve lost the weight that I wanted, a year ago, now what? Reading about the rules and what needs to be done makes me feel like my body is a science project. No carbs after certain time. Fruits are carbs too, and I love fruits! You are telling me now I cannot have my fruits at night, while some other people are eating candies and cakes. Not saying they are right at what they do, but the fact…

Eating more to grow muscle. Now I want to grow muscle at certain parts, do I eat more those days? What exactly I should eat if I’m used to certain amount of food a day already? I read those protein shakes don’t really help, and carbs are the key…now what do I eat if I try to eliminate gluten? Do I stay on lentil soup and quinoa till the rest of my life?

Adding more greens is great, in a form of smoothies. But they are low in calories (I don’t add much fruit) – it lowers my calorie intake a day, and I’m already not eating much, mostly under eating.

Everywhere you go, you will read that abs exercising won’t do much and you need to lower your body fat to see the muscle. Now, why there are so many abs exercises then, in all magazines? I’ve never seen so much of a variety of squats, or upper body advertising. No one cares about those body parts anymore? I lowered my weight and body fat, now where are my abs? Why every time I eat, my stomach feels (and looks) like a balloon and every time I’m afraid to be called pregnant again? Is it a separate problem I need to address to the doctor? Or should I do more of those exercises that everyone says don’t work? Or is it because I didn’t exercise while being pregnant and my muscle tone is lost there forever? Last time I had stomach flu, my stomach looked great after. But I didn’t eat for a week, that’s not the way clearly

Just today I read about some squats and looks like I’m doing half of them wrong. How great is that. Do I need to work out with the trainer now? I don’t like to talk when I’m at the gym and I need some music, hate the thought of someone standing next to me telling me what to do.

Those are just a few concerns I have…


Losing 24 lbs and trying to maintain it – my annoying way that you might not like…

9 Aug

Loosing 24 lbs and trying to maintain it - my annoying way that you might not like...

I’ve started my “lose weight” journey on March 18th, that’s when the Christian Orthodox lent started. Last year I’ve lost 7 lbs following it, not even paying attention on how that happened.

This year I started to feel that I need to loose some extras, not because I was fat or anything, but because I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my skin.

I exercised 2-3 times a week, and ate healthy food. You wouldn’t see me eating fast food or drinking soda. So the point was not on fitness or quality of food, but the quantity of it. Obviously.

Being on lent basically means being vegan. I did it last year and felt amazing, but fell off the wagon when I went to visit my homeland. They don’t have many food options back to Ukraine for vegans. And forget about greens! I wasn’t eating meat of course (not eating it since the end of 2011), but started to consume a lot of dairy again. Lost a little bit there still, because there was a lot of walking, but gained it back in US quickly.

So what worked for me – calories counting plus vegan lifestyle (I don’t want to call it diet, hate that word).

It is hard, and very annoying, but it pays off. You can really eat what you like, as long as you stay within your calories budget. But if you’re on 1500 a day, like I was during the “loosing phase”, you won’t have many options if you eat dairy, for example. One piece of cheese is 100+. And it’s so small! I better eat cup of cherries or an apple.

So the point it to find food that is big in volume, but is low on calories. And what can it be? Vegetables of course.

I have this magazine Vegetarian Times, and when I see something that has 250 calories per serving, and the serving is 1-1 1/2 cups, it means I’m already cooking it!

While doing that, I keep exercising, and I can do so much more now. I can lift more weights, I can do more intense cardio. And guess what? The day when I exercise I can eat more! So I try to exercise at least 3 days a week, the goal is 4. Because really, I’m pretty much always hungry and always excited when I know I can have that extra meal.

So I’ve lost 24 lbs (plus minus, but I’m below my goal weight, and don’t want to loose any more), and on 1700 a day now. When I exercise, it’s about 2000-2100 a day. That’s what my BMR is.

I went from size 29-28 jeans to 26-27. From size 8 dress to 6. From size M to S. I have troubles finding clothes that fit from my closet and still figuring out what to wear on many cases. I’ve got new ones but I have this fear that I’ll buy it all and next summer won’t be able to fit in them

I hope I can maintain it. If I gain it back, don’t throw stones in me please:) Keeping my old closet just in case;)